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Andrea Vassilev

Headshot of Andrea Vassilev Andrea Vassilev is an advocate, speaker, and writer. In advocacy work, Andrea is passionate about eradicating the stigma surrounding bipolar disorder. She has written for outlets such as Slate Magazine, appeared on multiple podcasts, and was interviewed as a lived experience expert for the Los Angeles Times. Dr. Vassilev regularly collaborates and presents with the International Bipolar Foundation, Bipolar Support Club International, and other groups.

Among her academic pursuits, Andrea created an original program to address self-stigma specifically in bipolar called "Overcoming Self-Stigma in Bipolar Disorder" ( The program, the first of its kind, is being deployed in clinical settings across the world.

Andrea hopes that by telling her own story of life with bipolar disorder through the lenses of causes, treatments, and outcomes she can provide education, hope, and comfort to others. In all things, Andrea remains a dedicated warrior in the fight against mental health stigma!

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