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Chaundra Williams

headshot of Chaundra WilliamsChaundra Williams was born in 1979, in the city of Compton, California.
Anxiety and depression followed Chaundra throughout most of her adult life. As a result, self-care became her first priority, which she believes helped lead to the correct diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder in 2015. Since her diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder, she has been fortunate enough to only experience only one episode psychosis, which she attributes her holistic self-care routine.

Grateful for finding peace and well-being within her bipolar diagnosis, Chaundra hopes to spread peace and well-being through her philanthropic work. Serving as a stakeholder for one of the largest research grants for bipolar depression, a medical advocate for the Bipolar Disorder Learning Health Network, and a medical researcher, she is is a member of several projects focusing on the increase of bipolar depression remission rates and improving the well-being and systems of medical care for others living with Bipolar Disorder. As a philanthropist, Chaundra plans to live out the rest of her days making a positive impact on those challenged with living Bipolar Disorder.

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