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Lianca Lyons

headshot of Lianca LyonsLianca Lyons is a mental health patient advocate living with her bipolar disorder 2 diagnosis for 10 years. As a 45-year-old African American woman born and raised in Los Angeles, California, her mantra from the day of her diagnosis has been: I Vocalize to Normalize and Destigmatize. In 2019, she did a TEDxSalon Talk, Bipolar: A Gift from God detailing her mental health journey, which now has over 25k views.

She actively shares her story to further de-stigmatize mental illness and to normalize what it looks like to actively manage your mental health. She travels the country speaking and teaching her workshop, "Take Your M.E.D.S." most recently speaking to students at Interlochen Arts Academy on "How to Keep Your Creative Edge while Maintaining Your Mental Health." It's an interactive yet approachable way to suicide prevention. Lianca is a dog mom to Leo the Labradoodle, Auntie to Ashlee, Cole, and Nalah, loves to travel, is a YOGI, and is a proud, certified product junkie.

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