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Scott Ninneman

headshot of scottScott Ninneman is the creator of Speaking Bipolar, a brand with the mission of helping everyone to understand and thrive with bipolar disorder. Diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder in 1995, Scott has been riding the mental health train for 3 decades. He is eager to share his experiences for the benefit of all.

Scott spends his days working as a tax preparer and bookkeeper, but his passion is in writing. He started the Speaking Bipolar blog in 2018, the Speaking Bipolar Positivity Club in 2022, and opened the Speaking Bipolar on Medium Publication up to all writers in 2023.

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Scott hopes that sharing his experiences with bipolar will both promote understanding and show others they are not alone in their struggles. When Scott was first diagnosed at 23, he felt he had nowhere to turn. Now he publishes stories every week to make sure no one else ever feels that way.

Besides bipolar 1 disorder, Scott also copes with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Familial Mediterranean Fever. The three conditions often combine to cause extreme exhaustion, but he always sets aside a little energy to keep up his online communities.

In his free time, Scott loves being outdoors. Living in the mountains of southeast Tennessee, there are hundreds of miles of hiking trails calling his name. Scott also takes care of his aging mother, volunteers in his community, and spends too much time binge-watching his favorite science-fiction shows online.

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